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High Ropes Courses

A rope course comprises a number of poles or trees, which are connected by various elements.

If all the elements are mounted in jump height near the ground, we speak of a low ropes course. If protective measures are necessary for safety, we call it high ropes course.

We plan, develop and implement high ropes and low ropes courses since 1995. Team and mobile ropes courses emerged naturally along the way and are part of our service for many years by now.

Pole Ropes Course

We make this innovative anchoring-free construction become true. Space-saving new options:
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Treetop Adventure Park

An adventure park consists of several successive high-wire stations, often on different heights and with graded difficulty requirements.
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High ropes course elements can also be realized within buildings, of course. As fixed or mobile installations.
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Childrens's Course

insight out GmbH builds visually appealing low ropes courses for children. These courses give children the surroundings to exuberant play and frolic around.
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Mobile High Ropes Courses

insight out GmbH has specialized in the development of mobile high ropes courses. Each mobile climbing course is customized to the client's needs and ideas.
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Team Course

A team course consists of exercises that can only be accomplished by a group of individuals working together. The course stations are usually near the ground like a mohawk walk, a wall or a giant seesaw. Common elements of low ropes courses are included.
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Partner Course

A team course consists of exercises that can only be accomplished.
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Zipline Course

The basic principle of ziplines comes from the South American jungle. In today's adventure parks the longest  ziplines possible often cause the most fun.
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