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Indoor Ropecourse Waddenfun

Indoor ropecourse in an old Dutch barn: Here, visitors can let off steam at 18 poles in different courses.
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High Ropes Course Schmachtenhagen

Construction a free standing high ropes courses on poles, with its highlight the Power Fan: Free fall from 13m height.
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Kletterpark Kos

Construction of an anchor-free mast ropes courses for the 5-star-resort "Blue Lagoon Village" on the Greek holiday island of Kos.
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Adventure Park Herrenberg

nicely loated adventure park in the South of Germany with Powerfan, children's parcours and zip line parcours.
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Treetop Adventure Park Joensuu

In early summer of 2014, we constructed a ropes course in a small forest in Joensuu, eastern Finland.

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Kletterpark Cuxhaven

Overlooking the Wadden Sea, right next to the Nature Reserve lies the adventure park Cuxhaven.

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Erlebnispavillion Jülich

A rope course hanging indoor from the ceiling of an family guest house at Juelich Energiewelt Indeland.

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Indoor Ropes Course "Adventurepark Waddenfun"

In a former cow shed in the northern part of Holland, we built a ropes course on three levels with 44 elements and bridges. Highlight of the course is a 120 meter long zipline going outside over the fields. http://waddenfun.nl


Indoor Rope Park "Alte Ölmühle"

In a 100 years old octagonal tower, a high ropes course with 20 elements was built on two levels with nine masts. In addition, there is a zipline course on the outdoor area to the old granaries of the oil mill. More information about the venue and the ropes course can be found at  www.oelmuehle-wittenberge.de.

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Qualification Park in London

In the context of London 2012 Olympics, the insight out GmbH was commissioned to build a high ropes course as a qualification park for the Swiss representative "House of Switzerland".
More information about the presentation of Switzerland. www.houseofswitzerland.org

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Mast Ropes Course on Kos 

Construction of an anchor-free mast ropes courses on the Greek holiday island of Kos.
Recommended by TUI Germany Insight Out was commissioned to build this free-standing mast ropes course.  www.bluelagoongroup.com

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Adventure Park Freudenberg

In Freudenberg near Stuttgart we built an adventure park with ~ 70 elements and a separate children's course, www.kletterwald-freudenberg.de


Children's Course Leverkusen

Construction of a children's course at a day care centre according to the strict DIN 1176 for playground equipment. Follow-up contract to a tree house. www.kirche-manfort.de


Ropes Course Oranienburg

Close to Oranienburg we built this anchor-free high ropes course, a highlight of the course is the powerfan: free fall from 13m height. www.kletteras.com


Mobile High Ropes Courses

Development, leasing and sale of mobile high ropes courses. www.actionpark.de


Adventure Park Herrenberg

Construction of an adventure park in Herrenberg close to Stuttgart with approximately 70 elements, a separate children's course, zipline course, Powerfan, and team course elements. www.waldseilgarten-herrenberg.de


Mobile Ropes Course Seoul/South Korea

Insight Out is present on the "Korea Landscape Expo" together with a local business partner from South Korea at the end of June in Seoul. For this exhibition an indoor high ropes course was built specifically. www.yekun.co.kr


High Ropes Course K1

Construction of an adventure park with approximately 97 elements and bridges in Odenthal nearby Cologne, and a later expansion with another course of 16 elements, and 3 high and 6 low team course elements. www.hochseilgarten-k1.de


Safaripark Hodenhagen

Construction of a masts ropes course, as well as relocation of the whole course three years later. www.serengeti-park.de


Outdoor Education Kleve

In Kleve we built this high ropes course for outdoor education and adventure-based learning on behalf of the Caritas. www.caritas-kleve.de


Zipline Rheinenergiestadion Köln

Construction of a 200m long mobile zip line through the local football stadium.


Squirrel Path Hundisburg

Hundisburg: construction of an adventure park for the state-owned "House of the Forest", as well as expansion of the existing course, by 5 elements and 4 team course elements. www.haus-des-waldes.de


Anchor-free High Ropes Course Leverkusen

Construction of an anchor-free masts high ropes course with additional treetop team course and a playground according to DIN 1176 for playground equipment in Leverkusen Opladen. www.klettergarten-birkenberg.de


Jugendpark Cologne

Construction of a ropes course in existing tree population: www.rope-island.de


Adventure Park Wolfsburg

Construction of an adventure park in Wolfsburg with 60 elements, equipped with the safety system  „KLIPA“. www.monkeyman.eu


Adventure Park Soest

Construction of an adventure park with 50 stations. www.kletterpark-soest.de


Adeventure Park Jülich

Jülich: construction of an adventure park, with 35 elements and 5 team course elements www.brueckenkopf-park.de


High Ropes Oberhausen

Oberhausen: Construction of a high ropes course in existing tree population


Waldseilgarten Winsen

building a high ropes course in the forest with 40 stations www.kletterpark-winsen.de


Waldseilgarten Leverkusen

building a high ropes course in the forests www.aufwind-ev.org


Nature High Ropes Course Wuppertal

building a ropes course: www.natur-hochseilgarten-wuppertal.de


Indoor Ropes Course Waldorf School Chorweiler

Waldorf School Cologne Chorweiler: indoor high ropes course with self-belay course as part of a reconstruction of a climbing gym www.canyon-chorweiler.de


Indoor Ropes Course Coal-Mine Westfalen

Zeche Westfalen in Ahlen: Construction of an indoor ropes course in an old mining premises. www.bigwall.de


Mobile High Ropes Course „The Fly“

Nuremberg: construction of a mobile ropes course, based on traverse construction www.hubert-schwarz.com


Alpincenter Bottrop

Construction of an aluminum high ropes course with 120m length. www.alpincenter.com


Masts ropes Course in Windeck

building a high ropes course on poles for outdoor education and adventure-based learning www.outdoor-oberberg.de


High Ropes Course Gut Thansen

Building a ropes course for seminar business. www.gut-thansen.de


Relocation of a Mast Ropes Course

Lüneburg-Adendorf: relocationg a high ropes course. www.castanea-resort.de


Construction of a Mobile Zipline outside of an old Fire Station



Treetop High Ropes Schramberg

Building a treetop ropes course www.syntura.de


Mast Ropes Course Stuttgart

Building a stationary masts ropes course. www.epizentrum-stuttgart.de


Outdoor Eduction Ropes Course

building a high ropes course for families and outdoor education and adventure-based learning. www.haus-spielfeld.de


Motor activity course Kindergarten

Construction of a low ropes course for children in a kindergarten. www.villa-huegelchen.de


Bauma 2010

Powerfan at Bauma 2010 expo in Munich. At Bauma Insight Out presents a mobile Powerfan at an asphalt mixing plant. www.ammann-group.ch



  • Youth Village Manderscheid: Construction of a high ropes course for youth groups
  • Daun: Construction of a treetop high ropes course
  • Bad Münstereifel: construction of detachable rope course elements and staff training
  • Deleopment, Construction and Sales of Europe's largest mobile high ropes course
  • Knowledge: extension of the existing high ropes course at Haus Schönstein
  • Construction of various mobile ropes courses at busines events, indoor as well outdoor
  • Rurberg: new High ropes course elements
  • Porz: Construction of a bouldering wall and high ropes elements in a youth centre
  • Oberhausen: construction of a mobile team course
  • Construction of various playground and low ropes elements in child care centres
  • Reichhof: construction of a high ropes course at a convention centre