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  • Adventure park
  • Pole ropes courses
  • Mobile high ropes

Quality characteristics


  • Insight Out has more than 15 years of experience in designing and building top rope stations

  • Our high ropes courses meet the European standards for high rope courses (EN-15567) and the ERCA standards.

  • Insight Out is active member (represented by managing director Holger Bickschäfer) of the expert group of the ERCA

    o   for the inspection of ropes courses

    o   for adventure parks

    o   for training certification.

  • Insight Out is ERCA-certified for the inspection of high ropes courses according to EN 15567.

  • Insight Out is ERCA-certified for the training of high ropes coaches.

  • Insight Out is a member of the DIN-Committee for the high ropes standard EN-15567

  • Each high ropes course is planned individually.

  • For every high ropes course an individual safety manual is created, containing a description of maintenance to be carried out, tests, contingency plans and safety regulations.

  • Steel cables are, wherever possible and appropriate, hydraulically pressed instead of connected with wire rope clips.

  • Our crimps are TÜV-tested and inspected regularly.

  • We only use high-quality steel cables from German production, with extra strong outer strands against early abrasion and fractured strands by using extra strong galvanizing against corrosion.

  • Load bearing station ropes are made from Hercules rope and pressed. They are thus

    ο   Skip-proof even in the rain

    ο   Thicker than steel cables

    ο   Visually appealing

    ο   Comfortable to touch

  • non-load-bearing station ropes are made of weather-resistant synthetic fiber rope, resembling hemp in appearance.

  • Our station ropes are not knotted, but visually beautiful spliced or pressed.

  • For constructions we only use weather-resistant timber such as larch, Douglas fir and black locust, with no need for special impregnation. As well, we use methods of constructive timber protection.

  • By request, the wood can be glazed in color.

  • We work tree-protective with wooden spacers and pressure distributing tree pads, which are placed between the wood and bark or with bolts drilled through the tree.

  • A thesis of FH Osnabruck has shown that tree damage caused by pressing the platforms can be reduced by the use of pressure pads.

  • Our employees are trained and certified industrial climbers and qualified for personal protective equipment.